• Brotherhood Films "Groundwork" Trailer and Q&A

    “Groundwork”, a Brotherhood Films Production, presents their first full length film, capturing the essence of freeskiing; great outdoors, freedom and friendship. Follow the Brotherhood throughout the 2010-11 season from urban settings all around the province of Quebec, to the incredible mountains of Colorado, Oregon and British Columbia. Witness outstanding young skiers, sharing with us their love and passion for the sport with their amazing performances, and a inside look into their season. Every project begins with a base , a foundation ; every project begins with “Groundwork”. 

    Brotherhood Films
    Website: www.facebook.com/brotherhoodfilms
    Location: Montréal , Quebec
    Experience: 4 years
    Riders: Seb Eaves, Dom Laporte, Vince Prévost, Laurent-Olivier Martin, Max Morello, Mike Ness, JF Houle, Ben Gendron, Émile Bergeron, Jeremy Bellemare, Alex Bellemare, Gab Boudreau, Frank GP, Antoine Mayrand, Sam Beauchesne, JS Aubé, Charles Gagné, Vince Charette, Vince Chollet, Seb Chartrand, Martin Boulais, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Phil Casabon
    Film Crew: Xavier Mayrand, Vincent Ruel-Côté, JC Laniel and Zac Moxley
    Camera Gear: Panasonic HMC 150, Panasonic HVX P2, Canon 7D
    Sponsors: PRFO Boardshop

    Price: TBD
    Length: 25 minutes
    Segments: A mix of rider and location based segments
    Soundtrack: You’ll love it. Promise.
    Locations: Québec, Colorado, Oregon, Whistler and Utah
    Bonus: Lots of it!

    Why start your own film company?
    I wanted to bring something new and refreshing to the table.

    What were some obstacles you faced this season?
    Being a full time student was hard, as I had to find the time to go out and shoot as often as I could.

    How did you overcome them?
    I really had to organize my schedule to make sure I was out shooting every single day off. I also had lots of help from from friends - shout out to Vince RC, JC Laniel and Zac Moxley!

    You got an invite to IF3 this year - how important was this for you as a producer?
    Being selected for IF3 was really important for me, as it’s pretty much the party you’re looking forward to all winter. I also like to believe that people take you more seriously as a producer when your movie has been there.

    There seems to already be a dozen guys putting out am movies in Quebec. What other companies are you excited about?
    I’m really stoked on WFP productions’ new movie ‘’Chef Tony’’. They are a super friendly crew who put together a banger movie this year.

    And outside of Quebec?
    I’m really looking forward to the new Field Productions movie - these guys are on another level.

    What are your goals with Brotherhood Films?
    My goals with the brotherhood is to keep having fun doing what we do and put even more time into next years film to take it to another level and keep this thing growing.

    What’s the best part of the job?
    Getting to show off all your hard work in front of your peers on a big stage, like at IF3.

    And the worst?
    When you arrive at an urban spot, shovel everything, session it for a couple hours, only to get kicked out right before you’re about to get the shot.

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    Posted: Aug 23, 2011
    Tags: feature

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