Top 5: Summer Camps

Jun 21, 2011

Being the first day of the summer, we figured it was a fitting time to share a list of camps we wish we were visiting this year. Our top five features a wide range of camps offered both on and off snow, in both North and South America. Whether you're looking to improve your skiing or simply want to spend a week of fun in the sun, you won't regret your decision if you end up at any of the following camps - 

Camp of Champions

We Like: Dryslope launcher into air bag, halfpipe "Vert Bag", Bounce Trampoline Training, private handle tows, the 6-10, CoC Compound

It's no surprise that Camp of Champions attracts some of the best skiers and snowboarders from around the world. Boasting the largest summer park, CoC's lane is built by Steve Petrie (who built the Olympic Halfpipe in Vancouver) and Arena Snowparks, and includes a wide variety of creative and technical features for beginners and pro's alike. The new addition of the private handle tow will allow for quick half laps, and hopefully alleviate the sometimes excessively long lines found at the T-bar. In addition to the world class park and top level coaches, Camp of Champs offers some of the best off-snow activities that will help hone your skills in a fun, easy-going enviroment. With facilities like the Bounce Trampoline Training center, Whistler water ramps and the CoC compound at your fingertips, it's a real challenge to find yourself bored during your stay in Whistler.

Location: Whistler, British Columbia Price: 445$-1885$ (more info) Head Coaches: Matt Sterbenz, Finn Anderson, Mack Jones, Eric Hjorleifson, Will Berman Coaches: Bobby Brown, Banks Gilberti, Tom Wallisch, Sean Pettit, Kolby Ward, Callum Pettit, Bene Mayr, Paddy Graham, Sven Kueenle, Keltie Hansen, Andy Partridge, Luke Van Valin, Dana Flahr, Ian Cosco, Dylan Natale, Chris Benchetler, Tim Durtschi, Matt Walker, Gus Kenworthy, LJ Strenio and more.


We like: 22’ Halfpipe into Airbag, water-ramping/evening trampoline, small lift lines, sport psychology & optional competitive program, accommodation and dinners


This summer will mark the 20th year Momentum Ski Camps have been operating mogul and freeride programs on Whistler's Horstman Glacier. Being exclusive to skiers, Momentum's focus has always been on ensuring you leave camp a better skier than when you arrived, and does so with world-class terrain and coaching. Offering the shortest lift lines on the Glacier, Momentum's five lane park is maintained by Chris Turpin and his team of hard working diggers. With the winter Whistler experienced, we wouldn't be surprised if the dig crew and coaches were throwing triples by the end of the second session.

Location: Whistler, British Columbia Price: 1395$ - 2495$ (more infoCoaches: Trennon Paynter, Sarah Burke, Mike Riddle, Tj Schiller, Justin Dorey, Colby West, Rory Bushfield, Josh Bibby, Chris Turpin, Peter Olenick, Frank Raymond, Tanner Rainville, John Spriggs, Ian Cosco, Jf Houle, Roz G, Meg Olenick, Corey Vanular, Simon Dumont, Alex Schlopy, Kaya Turski, Paul Bergeron, Alexis Godbout, Aj Kempainen, Kristi Leskinen, Tim Russell, Josh Stack, Mike Heniutuk

Evolve Chile

We Like: Powder, world class terrain, surfing, powder, lodging, good people and good food

If summer slush, plastic slopes and air bags aren't your idea of skiing, then Evolve Chile might be what you're looking for. Being a travel camp for skiers and boarders, Evolve Chile offers deep powder, steep terrain, winter parks, great food, surfing, and best of all, the chance to explore South America with a crew of like-minded people. The camp passes through four different locations in Chile, Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado and Termas de Chillan, with each stop offering unique terrain and culture. Their signature adult sessions caters to those 19 and older, and offers a one of a kind experience for those looking to pamper themselves with massages, good food, and heli skiing.

Location: Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado and Termas de Chillan Price: $1,999 - $3,199 (more infoCoaches: Tanner Hall, Ian Provo, JP Auclair, Matt Dussault


We like: Dryslope airbag and rail setup, indoor skatepark facility, concrete jungle, mountain bike trails, Demo Lab, rap battles, whitewater rafting

Windells doesn't hide the fact that a from top to bottom run on the Mt. Hood Glacier is over two miles long and a LOT of fun. Known for natural snow, sunny skies, the sweetest rail features and a coaching staff that loves to have a good time, Windells is the place to be if you don't want to make the journey to Whistler. Oh, and they have their fair share of activities to compliment their on-snow offerings -

Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon Price: 695$ - 1949$ (more infoCoaches:  Collin Collins, Jason Arens, Andy Perry, Jeff Kiesel, Steve Stepp, Brady Perron,Tyler Barnes, Ben Moxham, Nicky Keefer, Christian Allen, John Kutcher, Karl Fostvedt, Tim McChesney, Luke Perin, Mike Hornbeck, John Spriggs, Austin Torvinen, Matt Walker, Parker White, Sean Jordan, Will Berman, Jack Borland, Ashley Battersby, Erica Durtschi, Megan Gunning and Luke Allen.


We Like: Coach to camper ratio, video review, coaching staff, 

A quick 20-minute drive from D-Structure’s Pro Shop in Quebec City lies the small resort of le Relais, and a recently constructed, state-of-the-art water ramp facility. Traditionally a training ground for freestyle aerials, D-Structure owner and new-school pioneer Phil Belanger has teamed up with the legendary Eric Iberg to create a new-school-centred camp at the ramps for three weeks in July and August each summer. Bringing in cream-of-the-crop pros to complement head coaches has ensured camper-to-coach ratios unheard of at summer on-snow camps, and has helped develop a relaxed but focussed vibe at camp in its first two years of operation.

Sessions are available over weekends or full weeks, and coaches and pro athletes rotate in and out throughout, allowing campers to get the chance to meet a huge chunk of skiing’s top-level talent. The facilities allow for training on four various sized kickers, including one that launches onto a flat-down rail setup. Key for locking down those spins-on before the snow flies.

Rates for next year are still to be announced, but you can bet the D-Splash will again be ground zero for established pros and up and comers alike this summer, with training for the professional slopestyle and halfpipe circuits on everyone’s minds. For session information and details on accommodation and all that’s included, visit, or

Location: Le Relais, Quebec Price: 679.99$ / 1359.99$ (including lodging and food) Coaches: JF Houle, Phil Larose, Phil Belanger, JD Zicat, Tanner Hall, Sean Pettit, TJ Schiller, Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Alexi Godbot, Charles Gagnier, Paul Bergeron, Kaya Turski, Kim Lamarre

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