SNM Presents "HighRise"

Sept 20, 2011

StreetNation Media is proud to present "HighRise", their first ski film. 


Featuring: Steven Ferlatte, Xavier Angers-Gauthier, Alex Miglierina, Frédéric Ferland, Anthony Germain, Simon Gingras, Mathieu Ellefsen, David Pauzé and Félix Gaudreau.
Directed & Produced: Gabriel Carier
Additional filming: Chris Power, Xavier Mayrand, Vincent Laroche


With so many production companies spurting up in Quebec, why start your own?

When I first started filming, it was purely to relive the memories of great days of skiing in Quebec. With that being said, I didn’t really take into consideration other production companies as I was just doing it for myself and my crew for fun.

What was the hardest part about putting together your first film?

High Rise is my first film, so jumping into something I have very little experience with was definitely the biggest obstacle. To be honest, I really didn’t have no idea where or how to start putting together all the footage from last season. I ended up following my instincts and put together a film that I believe people will enjoy watching.

Another tough part about putting together the film was balancing skiing and school, as all of our riders and filmers are still in the midst of finishing up their studies.

What was the biggest surprise you faced this winter?

The biggest surprise was when I found out how hard it was to actually get good urban footage. In my head I thought that filming urban was exactly the same as filming in the park and that the tricks would come just as easily and quickly as they do in the park. After a three hour session with not a single usable shot, I realized this wasn’t exactly the case.

What are some of your goals moving forward?

This year a few of the riders will have their own car, so we’re hoping to do a lot more urban and really try new and innovative features we’ve never really had a chance to hit. I also plan to really work on my cinematograhpy in hopes of making it into IF3 next year.


Name: Gabriel Carrier
Age: 15
Years Shooting: 1
Hometown: Boisbriand, Québec
Accomplishments: HighRise, winning the KlintSnow video contest and the NS backyard contest
Role Model: NSF Production, Level 1 (and I love the way Zac Moxley is filming these days)
Off-Snow: Skateboarding.


Camera: Canon t2i
Favorite Lens: Canon 50mm 1.8
Computer: iMac 21,5
Software: Final Cut pro 10
Last Purchase: Glidecam
Next Purchase: Camera slider and Tokina 11-17 f/2.8

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