Recognize: George Watts

Sept 19, 2011

Author: Jason Mousseau

Burlington based filmer Georges B. Watts IV just dropped his 2010/2011 film reel. Check it out along with a quick Q&A we did had a chance to do with him -

Name: George B. Watts IV
Age: 19
Years Shooting: 4
Hometown: Madison, CT
Now Hangin’: Burlington, VT
Accomplices: Meathead Films
Role Model: Curt Morgan, Level 1 Productions, Chris James
Off-Snow: Skating

Hey George, how’s it going?

Hey man, things are going great. I am just getting settled in to my new apartment in Burlington, VT. It’s getting colder at night up here so I am really starting to anticipate winter!

You just dropped your 2010/2011 film reel - what did you have a chance to shoot this winter?

This past winter was a lot different for me. I was so used to living in Connecticut and having to drive four hours up to Vermont if I wanted to film, so it was awesome to be able to be right in the middle of all the action this past season living right in Burlington.

This winter I had the opportunity to shoot with I Heart Snow Productions, a local snowboard group in the area. It was sweet to be able to film and travel with snowboarders, getting to film something different for a change and seeking out new locations that skiers usually would not think about hitting.

Towards the end of the season I was contacted by Geoff McDonald of Meathead Films to tag along with them for a couple spring park shoots. I was able to make it to both the Killington and the Sugarloaf shoots and had an awesome time filming and getting to know the riders. Look out for their new movie Prime Cut dropping this fall!


Photo: Gabriele St-Georges

What was the first ski movie you’ve seen?

The first ski movie that I saw was “Pop Yer Bottlez” by PBP.

When did you to pickup your first camera?

I want to say I picked up my first camera sometime during my freshman year at high school, in an introductory film class. Since that class I have become addicted to filming.

And how did you get into action sports?

Both my parents growing up lived very active lifestyles and I feel like that definitely played a huge role in me becoming involved in action sports. I started skiing when I was fours years old, and my family would occasionally make it up to the mountains on the weekends. Eventually, as I became older, I started to progress into the freestyle aspect of skiing. As for sports off of the snow, I am an avid skateboarder. I use skateboarding to keep myself entertained during the seasons that there isn’t any snow on the ground.

What’s your plan for the upcoming season?

Other than learning triple corks... I am taking the year off from school to focus on filming. Currently, I have been working with Meathead Films/Ski the East, and will be doing some big projects for them throughout the year. I am also going to be filming a webisode style series to promote freestyle snowboarding/skiing in Vermont for the Vermont Ski Areas Association. And in my spare time, I hope to work on some personal projects.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

At this point in my life, it's hard for me to predict where I will be in five years. But what I do know is, that I will still be pursuing my love and passion for film making. As long as I am happy and doing something I love, I will be satisfied.

Camera: Canon T2i/7D
Favorite Lens: Canon 50mm 1.8
Laptop: Macbook
Software: Final Cut Pro 7, Magic Bullet Looks, Photoshop
Backup: None [living life on the edge - jm]
Last Purchase: Rode Mic Pro
Next Purchase: Tokina 11-17 f/2.8 or Canon 50mm f/1.4

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