Meet Alex Beaulieu-Marchand

Sept 15, 2011

Author: Jason Mousseau | Photo: Anthony Verge & Gab St-Georges | Issue 11.1

Growing up outside quebec city, Alex was surrounded by a constantly growing freeski scene that provided access to multiple top tier terrain parks and jib crews to shred alongside. Riding for D-Structure Proshop and filming with Quebec’s ESK Media has resulted in a style far more developed than most other 17-yearolds, and often sees Alex showing up the more senior riders in his crew.

In March of 2010, the Salomon pro team recognized Alex as the next East Coast park talent and crowned him the winner of their annual Online Jib Academy contest. This victory scored him an all expenses paid trip out to the Jib Academy finals at Mammoth, where he went on to take home second place and win himself even more free skiing— this time a trip out to Windells. 

With school wrapped up and a West Coast move in the works, Alex plans to enter the slopestyle competition circuit this season in the hopes of complementing his effortless video parts with a few high profile podium finishes. You can catch Mr. Beaulieu in ESK Media’s Interlude and Meathead Films’ Prime Cut at IF3 this fall.

Photo: Anthony Verge

Anthony Verge Photo

Name: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
Age: 17
Years Riding: 6
Hometown: Québec
Now Hangin’: Windells, Mount Hood
Accomplices: ESK Crew
Sponsors: D-structure, Line, Orage, Kombi, Smith
Off-Snow: Surfing, wakebording, skateboarding

Photo: Gabrielle St-Georges

Gab St-Georges Photo

Hey Alex, how’s it going?

Really good, thanks!

What did you get up to this summer?

I went on a road trip all the way from Québec to Mt. Hood, Oregon with a friend of mine, Xavier Mayrand, who is the guy behind Brotherhood Films. We spent two sessions filming at Windells for his upcoming movie, Groundwork, and camped out in Hood to save some cash.

Tell us about a few of the highlights from your winter.

I’d say my biggest highlights were my results at a few competitions on the east coast. I came in 2nd at the Gatorade Freeflow Tour slopestyle stop at Killington and Okemo, won the Golden Crown in Orford and the Moose Master back in Quebec.

Do you have a favorite competition? What events do you plan to compete in next year?

The Jib Academy is my favorite competition, it gives kids like me the chance to travel and have a really nice week at Mammoth. I don’t know right now but for sure I will do as much Gatorade Free Flow Tours as I can, and the North Face Open.

What films can we see you in this year?

Interlude by ESK Media, Groundwork by Brotherhood films, Chef Tony by WFP and Prime Cut by Meathead Films.

What did you film with each company? Will you have a full segment in any of the films?

  • Filmed some urban with ESK and I will probably have a full segment in Interlude.
  • Filmed in Mount Hood with Brotherhood and I will have a full Hood segment in Groundwork.
  • Filmed a couple of urban spots with WFP, but will not have a full segment
  • Filmed at a park shoot with Meathead and I will hopefully have a couple of shots in their movie.

What movie are you most looking forward to seeing this year?

Interlude by ESK, because I know we have nice footage but I haven’t seen any of it all together so I am really curious to see what it will look like.

CFSA just announced their National Slopestyle Team. Would you like to represent Canada in the 2014 Olympics?

I would definitely like to represent Canada at the Olympics. I just hope the Olympics won’t take away the urban and underground side of our sport. 

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